Call for Papers

Topic 1: Big Data Engineering and Technology
Big Data novel theory, algorithm and applications
Big Data standards
Big Data Infrastructure, MapReduce and Cloud Computing
Big Data visualization
Big Data curation and management
Big Data semantics, scientific discovery and intelligence
Big Data performance analysis and large-scale deployment
Security, privacy, trust, and legal issues to big data
Big Data vs Big Business and Big Industry
Large data stream processing on cloud
NoSQL data stores and DB scalability
Big Data placement, scheduling, and optimization
Distributed file systems for Big Data
Performance characterization, evaluation and optimization
Multiple source data processing and integration with MapReduce
Storage and computation management of Big Data
Large-scale big data workflow management
Mobility and big data
Sensor network, social network and big data
Data Visualization and Visual Analytics
Big Data Algorithms, Applications and Services
Big Data Mining and Analytics
Big Data Processing and Querying
Algorithmic, experimental, prototyping and implementation
Natural Language Processing in Big Texts
Biomedical imaging pre-processing and Analysis
Structured and Unstructured Data/Text/Web Mining
Scalable computational intelligence tools
Novel Computational Intelligence approaches for data analysis
Evolutionary and Bio-inspired approaches for Big Data analysis
New domains and novel applications related to Big Data technologies

Topic 2: Electronics
VLSI and Microelectronic Circuit Embedded Systems
System on Chip (SoC) Design
FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) Design and Applications
Electronic Instrumentations
Electronic Power Converters and Inverters
Electric Vehicle Technologies
Control Theory and Applications
Robotics and Autonomous Systems
Intelligent, Optimal, Robust, Adaptive Control
Linear and Nonlinear Control Systems
Complex Adaptive Systems
Industrial Automation and Control Systems Technology
Modern Electronic Devices

Topic 3: Mobile Communication
Ad hoc networks
Body and personal area networks
Cloud and virtual networks
Cognitive radio networks
Cooperative communications
Future wireless Internet
Local dependent networks
Location management
Mobile and wireless IP, Mobile computing
Multi-hop networks
Network architectures
Network Security, Information Security, Encoding Technology
Routing, QoS and scheduling
Satellite communications
Self-organising networks
Telecommunication Systems
Vehicular networks
Wireless multicasting, Wireless sensor networks, broadcasting, and geocaching

Topic 4: Information Technology
Business Intelligence and Applications
Computer Network
Evolutionary Computation and Algorithms
Intelligent Information Processing
Information System Integration and Decision Support
Image Processing and Multimedia Technology
Signal Detection and Processing
Technique and Application of Database
Software Engineering
Mobile Computing
Distributed Systems
Artificial Intelligence
Visualization and Computer Graphic
Natural Language Processing
Machine Learning
Internet of Things, Data Mining
Cloud Computing in E-Commerce Scenarios
E-Business Systems Integration and Standardization, E-government
Electronic Business Model and Method
E-Commerce Risk Management
Recommender system
Semantic Web Service Architecture for E-Commerce
Service Oriented E-Commerce and Business Processes
Data Analytics and Big Data

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